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$0-$20K+ months in 12 months 💸working just 2 days per week 🙏True Story

January 19, 2023 Hiring Advantage Season 1 Episode 39
Hiring Advantage
$0-$20K+ months in 12 months 💸working just 2 days per week 🙏True Story
Show Notes

Let’s get up close and personal. This week we are celebrating my business Hiring Advantage’s 1st birthday. Yup this time last year on business launch day, I had ZERO clients. Flash forward month 12 Hiring Advantage had made over $23,000 in sales. 

More than that, I have grown an epic team, a flourishing business and the job of my dreams! (Plus this podcast- woohoo!)

And I did this working 2 client facing days per week; with a baby, a toddler and as a single Mumma. Crazy right?! 

In this ep I talk through:

  • When I knew my corporate career and  relationship was broken and how I dealt with that 
  • How my less than perfect personal circumstances lit a fire in my belly and pushed me forward
  • What the juggle of single Mumma, business owner, podcaster and course creator has looked like for me
  • Why investing in yourself and surrounding yourself with epic boss babes is the pathway to growth
  • Hiring a team and the epic growth that it has created

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